Seeking Support from SSW

Seeking Support from SSW

Find out what happens when you approach Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW) for the first time.

1. Make initial contact with SSW reception

The easiest way to contact Student Support and Wellbeing is by emailing reception.

Counselling works a bit differently: If you would like to sign up for counselling, please contact us at in order to request a registration form link.

2. You can then be registered with SSW.

If you have a known medical or mental health condition, or think you could benefit from support with learning differences, neurodiversity, long term health conditions, mobility or sensory disabilities, or mental health issues, you can register with Student Support and Wellbeing so we can help get your support in place.

3. You may be booked an appointment with an adviser from one of three areas, as appropriate.

Even if your condition is suspected rather than confirmed, we can still book you in with the appropriate advisor.

Mental Health

Mental Health Adviser appointment:

  • You may be advised to apply for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) if you are eligible, to provide specialist equipment and support. This might mean that the you could be eligible for one to one support with a mental health or autism support Mentor which we can arrange through SSW.
  • You may be recommended to register for counselling support if helpful. This support we can arranged through SSW.

Disability and Neurodiversity

Specific Learning Differences (SpLD) Adviser

If have, or you think you have, a specific learning difference condition such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or ADHD you can discuss your options with your adviser. This might include support seeking a diagnosis if you don't already have one.

During the appointment:

  • You may be advised to apply for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) if you are eligible, for provide specialist equipment and support. This might mean that you could receive one to one support with a Study Skills Tutor which we can arrange through SSW.

More information on specific learning difference support.

Autism, disabilities and long-term health conditions

With evidence of your condition, we can create an Inclusive Learning Plan (ILP) to help manage your disability during your studies.

  • You may be recommended for an on-campus assessment, if needed.
  • You may be advised to apply for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) to provide specialist equipment and support. As part of the DSA application an external Assessment of Needs will be carried out which will recommend what equipment or support might benefit you.
  • If you have a disability you may be offered in-class support from an Educational Support Assistant (ESA). We can arrange this through SSW.

More information on: autism support, disability support and long-term health condition support.

Specialist Wellbeing Adviser

We have specialist staff providing practical support and advice to students reporting sexual assault, harassment or rape, and  discrimination, hate incidents or bullying.  

If you'd rather not speak to a receptionist to make an appointment, you can report and incident and request support via our online platform, REPORT + SUPPORT.

The relevant Specialist Wellbeing Adviser will then contact you and discuss next steps, which could also include a face-to-face appointment.

During the appointment:

  • The Adviser will ask for a brief account of what happened, but you don't have to provide detail if you don't want to. One of the first things discussed is confidentiality. 
  • You can talk about things including immediate practical, emotional and psychological support, referrals to counselling, and reporting options.
  • For incidents of sexual assault and harassment, you can explore sexual health options or going to the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC).

Need help now?

There are ways to get immediate support if you find you need help right away not during office hours (Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00 UK time) or without an appointment.  

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