How to view your exam timetable

When will my exam timetable be available?

Your personal exam timetable will be available on KentVision approximately two weeks before the end of the Spring term. We will contact you by email if your timetable is amended after it is published, but please remember to check regularly for any changes as it is your responsibility to know when your exams are.

Your exam timetable is based on your module registration. If you see something that doesn't look right, please email our exams team.

The 2024 exam timetable is now available!

The May/June 2024 exams timetable was published on 25 March 2024. Check your emails and use the below guidance for further information.

How do I view my exam timetable?

Please see below for your video guidance.

In KentVision, select My Timetable & Events, then My Timetables and finally My Exam Timetable.    

You will be able to see your timetable, information relating to the timing and duration of your exams and, if applicable, additional requirements.

The exam timetable display can be amended by clicking on any of the column headings. By default it is set to display 10 entries, but this can be expanded by using the drop down options if required.

Select Return to My Timetable to exit the screen or click Home to return to your homepage.

How to view your exam timetable

Inclusive Learning Plan (ILP) for adjusted exam arrangements

An Inclusive Learning Plan gives you adjustments during exams, such as extra time, rest breaks, scribes, readers and specialist equipment.

I already have an Inclusive Learning Plan

If you have an Inclusive Learning Plan, any permitted extra time allowed will not show on the main exam timetable, but will be given on the day.

To check if you have an Inclusive Learning Plan, and what it covers, view the Student Support tile in KentVision.

If it looks incorrect, please please make an appointment with your Student Support and Wellbeing Adviser as soon as possible, as the deadline of 10 March 2024 has now passed.

I would like to get a new, or update my existing, Inclusive Learning Plan

If you require adjusted exam arrangements, please make an appointment with your Student Support and Wellbeing Adviser as soon as possible as the deadline of 10 March 2024 has now passed. This is because it can take time to get an appointment, to obtain the relevant evidence (if needed), and to agree the Inclusive Learning Plan.

Once your Inclusive Learning Plan is in place, your adjusted arrangements for exams will continue each academic year.

If your circumstances change or you begin a new course (eg undergraduate to postgraduate), please contact the Student Support and Wellbeing team as soon as possible to find out if your Inclusive Learning Plan needs updating.

Are you a visual learner? Check out this flowchart on getting adjusted exam arrangements.  

Deadline for 2024 exam period

The deadline for applications was Sunday 10 March 2024. If you wish to discuss a new or changes to an existing Inclusive Learning Plan now that the deadline has passed, your adviser will do what they can to make arrangements in time for exams, but may have insufficient time to organise what you need.

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