Don't carry heavy books and bags around campus - use a locker!

Exam support: free lockers on campus

Canterbury campus

Additional free lockers will be available in the Templeman Library's Welcome Hall from 08:00 - 21:00 during the exam period.

These lockers will be available for students to use for the duration of their exam only. Go to the Welcome Desk with your KentOne card and staff will help you find a free locker to use.

You'll need to retrieve your belongings before 21:00. Items left in lockers beyond this time won't be available until 09:00 the following day. 

Medway campus

Free lockers will be available in the Medway Building during the exam period. 

Located along level 1 corridor, just beyond the M1.22 seminar room, on the right-hand side, these lockers are all keypad access, allowing students to use them without the need to contact staff. Allocation is on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Should you require assistance, please visit the Medway Building Reception for support.

These lockers are open to all no matter what subject you're studying or what college you're in. Your academic school may offer lockers too, so make sure to check with them.   

Termly lockers in Grimond

You can rent a locker for the term. Termly lockers are located in the Grimond building which is next to the Templeman Library and open during Library opening hours.

If you have an Inclusive Learning Plan (ILP) related to mobility from Student Support and Wellbeing, please speak to the Templeman Library Welcome Desk before you apply. You may be eligible to rent a locker within the Library for the term.

Rental costs

£7.30 per term (no deposit needed).

If you lose the locker key

There's a £10.40 replacement fee.

How to apply

Apply in person at the Templeman Library Welcome Desk.

By renting a locker, you agree to these terms and conditions:

  1. You won't share your locker or lend your locker key to anyone else.
  2. If you don’t return the key or renew the rental agreement by the agreed date, a £10 fine may be added to your library account, and your account may be suspended.
  3. Items left in your locker are removed the day after your rental ends, kept in the Library for 28 days, then disposed of.
  4. Information Services retains the right to access lockers at any time.

Student day lockers in the Templeman Library

Day lockers are free and are available to use during Library opening hours. Find them by the Library Road Entrance in Block C on the Lower Ground Floor.

Terms of use

  1. Lockers are available to use during Library opening hours.
  2. Do not store unissued books or Library items inside.
  3. You must empty the locker at least 30 minutes before the Library is due to close; otherwise your possessions will be removed. We will:
    • dispose of perishable items including food and drink containers;
    • remove Library items from your account and return them to the shelves;
    • keep other items at the Welcome Desk before passing them to Campus Security if unclaimed.
  4. Our staff can access lockers if deemed necessary.
  5. Information Services assumes no responsibility for items inside.

By using a day locker, you agree to abide by all Library Regulations including these terms of use. Contact the Welcome Desk if you have any queries.

Postgraduate day lockers in Senate

They're available in the Postgraduate Study Hub in the Senate building near the Templeman Library Main Entrance.


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