Kent Print Collection - University of Kent

Kent Print Collection

Curated by our students, for our students

The Kent Print Collection is an ongoing experiment in collecting: only undergraduate students are allowed to buy works of art for the collection. Through the module ‘Print Collecting and Curating’, students plan an exhibition based on the Kent Print Collection, acquire works and negotiate loans to support the exhibition, and publish a catalogue to accompany the show.  

What we do

Since the Collection was founded in 2005, students have developed it in partnership with some of the UK’s leading artists, curators, collectors and art dealers. We are proud that our students’ work has been reviewed in leading international art journals.  

"The University of Kent has for the past several years been producing exemplary small catalogues of exhibitions drawn from the University’s print collection." Art in Print, 2012

"Under the direction of Dr Ben Thomas, Studio 3 Gallery has established itself as a venue for innovative, well curated exhibitions with printmaking featuring prominently in the programme." Printmaking Today, 2014