We produce innovative and interdisciplinary research that develops employable graduates and has a strong impact on the academic and professional world.

Research underpins our approach to teaching and learning at Kent. Our vibrant, interdisciplinary research activities are open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students, staff, and members of the public. Through our relationships with regional, national and international partners and our outward-facing ethos we aim to have a positive and valuable impact on the world around us.

We cover a wide range of specialisms and are at the forefront of practice-as-research, with many staff working as practitioners within the arts industry. As well as being taught and supervised by world-leading experts, students benefit from opportunities to engage in research projects and gain valuable hands-on experience. 

World-leading experts

Our lecturers are respected practitioners within the field. Many are active researchers who contribute to contemporary debate through their publications.

Close-up of academic Olly Double

Who's the person we see on stage?

Dr Olly Double explores stage personas and alternate personalities in stand-up comedy

Our research: making a difference

Our vibrant research culture is characterised by being civically-engaged, inclusive, and interdisciplinary.

Civically-engaged: our world-leading research is supported by strong relationships with regional, national and international partners and our success in winning high-profile funding. We have particular expertise in research involving community-participation and which results in real-world impact on industry, charities and healthcare.

Inclusivity: we recognise and value the contributions of researchers at all levels of their career, from first-year undergraduates to professors. All are welcome to participate in our lively programme of research events, including international exchanges, conferences, seminars and symposia. We are recognised for being at the forefront of practice-led research, supported by our excellent studio and technical facilities. Our research also underpins all our activities, with students benefitting from research-led teaching and extracurricular opportunities to get involved in research projects.

Interdisciplinarity: as a multidisciplinary School, our research is diverse and is supported by a range of research groups. Broadly these cover the disciplines of art history, drama and performance, film, media studies, and music & audio technology but our research is characterised by collaborations with researchers in the humanities, sciences and social sciences. 

Areas of particular expertise include: aesthetics and philosophies of the arts; histories of theatre, art, and culture; psychology and cognitive approaches to the arts; health, wellbeing, disability, autism and the arts; contemporary European theatre and performance; melodrama; audiences, adaptation and translation; comedy, stand-up, and popular performance; dance and physical theatre; psychology of music; community music and education; popular music studies and ethnomusicology.

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