Credit Framework for Taught Programmes


The Credit Framework for Taught Programmes: Information for Students, Teachers and Examiners was approved by Senate on 28 November 2001.

(There is a systematic process of review of this Credit Framework. This Credit Framework incorporates all changes made up to August 2018).

Please refer to QA News for details of changes.


  • Contents webpage Credit Framework Contents
  • Credit Framework for Taught Programmes webpage
  • Credit Framework Appendix 1: Classification of Honours Degrees for Students Admitted to the University up to and Including 2010-2011 webpage
  • Annex 1: Glossary of Terms webpage
  • Annex 2: Qualification Level Descriptors webpage
  • Annex 3: Limits on Credit Transfer and/or APE/CL webpage
  • Annex 4: Minimum Credit Requirements for Awards webpage
  • Annex 5: Alternative Exit Awards webpage
  • Annex 6: Marking webpage
    Appendix 1 Annex 6: Marking (Flow Chart)
  • Annex 7: Resit Marks webpage
  • Annex 8: Viva-Voce Examinations webpage
  • Annex 9: Concessions Applications webpage
  • Annex 10: Academic Discipline: Procedures webpage
    Appendix 1 Annex 10: Academic Discipline: Procedures (Flow Chart)
    Appendix 2 Annex 10: Guidelines on Interpreting Annex 10 Section 1.6
  • Annex 11: European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) webpage pdf
  • Annex 12: Assessment and Classification Conventions for HNC/HND Programmes webpage pdf
  • Annex 13: Appeals against Recommendations of Boards of Examiners webpage pdf

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