Diversity Mark

Diversity Mark is and an institution-wide award that is given to modules that can offer a diverse and inclusive range of resources for their students via their reading lists.

Diversity Mark

The award is given to those convenors that undergo a process of review and reflection with their students to ensure that they have considered authors and perspectives from divergent backgrounds, such as race, gender, sexuality, disability, internationalisation, and socio-economic contexts within their discipline. Diversity Mark aims to support staff in representing diverse perspectives and authors in their reading list, which in turn leads to a more inclusive learning experience for students.

Diversity Mark is a collaborative initiative run in conjunction with Students, Academic Liaison Team, Kent Union, and Student Success Team. 

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Increasing belonging

Evidence suggests that course materials that are inclusive to a diverse student body have a positive impact. A recent joint report from UUK and the NUS, BAME attainment at UK Universities (2019) states;

A greater focus is needed from universities, working with their students, on ensuring that BAME students have a good sense of belonging at their university, and on understanding how a poor sense of belonging might be contributing to low levels of engagement and progression to postgraduate study.

A minor change to your course materials could make a major change to the way a student, or a group of students, responds to the course.

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