Student Success has targets and performance indicators that are aligned to the University Access and Participation Plan.  

The Access and Participation Plan 2020-2025 (APP) includes University specific targets for Student Success within the following target groups, based on 2016/17 and 2017/18 baseline data.  

  • Reduce White/Black attainment gap to 8%
  • Reduce White/Asian attainment gap to 4%
  • Reduce White/Other & mixed attainment gap to 2%
  • Reduce POLAR4 Q1/Q5 non-continuation gap to 0.5%
  • Reduce IMD Q1/Q5 attainment gap to 8%
  • Reduce Mature/Young student non-continuation gap to 3%
  • Reduce Mature/Young student attainment gap to 1.5%

Student Success has established an iterative and heuristic environment within which it tests approaches to addressing attainment gaps. Allowing institutional research to guide intervention development, and interventions to feed back into research requires a considerable commitment of time and resource. We are 7 years into this approach and have established a robust process for planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating this work. 

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History of Student Success

A brief timeline of the work done by Student Success

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The Start of Student Success

  • Research began with a full time researcher, and close collaboration with Kent Union and Outreach Teams  

Phase 1 Initiated

  • Phase 1 involved nine two year schools and six one year schools. This resulted in numerous successful interventions and findings which informed Phase 2 work.

Inspirational Speakers, Staff Seminars, Conference and Report

  • The Inspirational Speaker Series launched  
  • The Closing the Gap conference took place  
  • Staff Seminars start  

Phase Two, Research Reports and Awards

  • Phase 2 involved seven schools and focussed on staff practice and institutional barriers

Progress Profiles

  • Progress Profiles launched to give our students a clear understanding of their performance. We think it is important for students to have regular conversations about their studies with Academic Advisers. 

Evaluation Framework & One Hour Degree

  • An Evaluation Framework was developed which allows us to establish evaluation parameters to assess the outcomes and impact of Student Success interventions.   

Awards, MOSAIC and Networking

  • The One Hour Degree game wins the Guardian Higher Education Awards for Digital Innovation. 
  • MOSAIC, a montage of video clips consistent with the messages of the One Hour Degree was launched.
  • The Student Success University Network was initiated  


For more information on Student Success implementation and framework at Kent please contact studentsuccessproject@kent.ac.uk