Staff training

Staff Training, which includes regular dissemination of accurate data and operational updates is vitally important to engender a sense of ownership and responsibility from staff.

Workshops on curriculum design such as:

 “Diversifying the Curriculum” by Michelle Grue; “3D Pedagogy Workshop” Dr Deborah Gabriel; “Repopulating and decolonising historiography is not political correctness - it is history” by Dr Onyeka Nubia; and an “Inclusive Teaching Practice: Reflexive teaching group” which runs in Canterbury and Medway, meeting twice-termly to engage staff with more inclusive teaching methods, and to encourage discussion around pedagogical issues within the SSPSSR. 

Staff Symposiums and a national conference (2016) for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners.  

Engagement meetings with staff groups in different schools and departments, to talk about their specific data and areas for improvement. 

But there is always more work to do in this regard. 

We work with university structures and committees to change policy and targets so this work can go beyond those who already have an innate interest in this agenda. We need to galvanise a group of staff across the campus who have a greater understanding of race equality, and passion for achieving a more representative and equitable environment for our students. 

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