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What are Progress Profiles?

Progress Profiles are web-based reports that display your academic progress to date. Every undergraduate student at Kent will have a Progress Profile. They display your attendance and attainment in an easy to digest format so you can see how you are doing. The reports are updated each night and will contain a record of all assignments where marking is known to be complete and verified.  It is intended to help inform you, and your conversations with your Academic Adviser.  

How can I find my Progress Profile?

Progress Profiles can be accessed directly here: or via the link on the top banner of the Student Guide.  The link is also available on the Student Success Moodle page as well as embedded in various Divisional Moodle pages.

I'm not sure what all the numbers mean.

To help you understand how your Progress Profile report has been structured, we have created a very short (3.5 minute) training video which you can access here.

You will find a link to the same video in the ‘About’ tab at the top of your report. If you have not already done so, book a meeting with your Academic Adviser.  They will help you understand your report, what you want to achieve, and what academic support may be available to help you get there.  

Things to remember!

This is not an official document that can be used to evidence your studies! Your final grades are calculated very carefully and take concessions and other factors into account. (If you need an official document, please speak to the Central Student Records Office, who will be able to advise you.)

Can staff members access Progress Profiles too?

Yes! If you are recorded in KentVision an Academic Adviser, you will also be able to log on to see the Progress Profiles of your advisees. Senior Tutors will also be able to see the Progress Profile reports for all the students they are responsible for overseeing. Your list of students will be organised in alphabetical order, by stage. We have created a very short (4.5 minute) training video, which you can access here.

I've found a problem in the reports, what should I do?

If you have spotted a data/content error or if you are experiencing problems accessing the reports, please raise an IS ticket.

We hope that this is useful for you, and wish you all the best in your studies.

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