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Getting involved in Diversity Mark

Schools that have welcomed Diversity Mark Officers to support their development currently include:  Arts, SPS, Bio Sciences, PoLIR, Psychology, Centre for Journalism, SECL, SSPSSR, KBS, CSHE, KLS, KMMS, Computing, SMSAS, and SSES.   

Diversity Mark Officer support and budget has been allocated for 2024/25, but if you would like to work with a trained Diversity Mark Officer then please contact and we will be happy to talk to you about the process and the award. 

Support is available from your Liaison Librarian, They will be able to link you with other interested colleagues from your Division, and work through several key tasks designed to diversify your curriculum and assist you in applying for this award.  

Apply for the Diversity Mark award

If you are diversifying your reading list you can apply for the Diversity Mark award. You can get support in achieving this award from your Liaison Librarian and the Student Success Team.

The award is given to individual convenors or schools that undergo a process of review and reflection with their students, to ensure that they have considered authors and perspectives from divergent backgrounds such as race, gender, sexuality, disability, internationalisation and socio-economic contexts within their discipline.

This award will be visible in Moodle and will indicate to enrolled students, or those considering enrolment to a particular module, that diverse resources are represented in the module reading list.

Criteria for receiving the award, are to provide evidence that:

  • the reading list has had diverse and inclusive resources added
  • student feedback has informed the process
  • there will be continued practice in developing your teaching and learning resources


If you are interested in achieving this award then contact us and we can guide you through the steps:

Contact your liaison librarian
or contact the Student Success Team:

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