Conferences and Events

Conferences and Events

Adewumi, B and Mighton, Patrice and Gibson, Hannah and Hynes, Claire (2021) Episode 15: How white is my curriculum? Podcast. (INVITED)

Adewumi, B, (2021) Challenging inequalities and Decolonising the Curriculum, Presented at Eastern Arc Academic Research Consortium, [online], March. (INVITED)

Talis Insight Europe 2019: The University of Kent’s project to improve diversity in the curricula

Diversifying curriculum: key perspectives, questions, and methods to get started

Advance HE Teaching and Learning Conference 2019: Diversity Mark: Collaborating towards an inclusive curriculum

Adewumi, B & Mitton. L: Diversifying Social Policy a collaboration with staff and students, Nottingham 20.05.2022 (Invited to the Social Policy and Society Conference)

Mitton, L (presenter) and Adewumi, B (2021) Diversifying social policy curriculum. Presented at the Social Policy and Society conference, [online] London, July.

Adewumi, B. (2021) What role does evidence play in closing race equality gaps? Presented at Transforming Access to Student outcomes in Higher Education (TASO) Conference followed by panel discussion with student guest Patrice Mighton London [online], April. (INVITED)

Adewumi, B and Gefferie, R, (2022) Advance HE EDI Colloquium- Decolonising Pedagogies Conference: School of Journalism Diversity Mark case study. Online 21.07.2022

Adewumi, B and Bailey. L and Laviniere, W (2021) Liberating student voices: Diversity Mark, working in collaboration with students to diversify reading lists Presented at Anglian Ruskin University [online], April (INVITED).

Adewumi, B, (2021) Towards decolonising the curriculum, Diversity Mark Presented at the Africa Summit, University of Kent, [online], April.

Adewumi, B, Thomas, D (2019) Reading list review, Medway Learning & Teaching Conference, presented at University of Kent, September.

B. Adewumi, Bailey. L,  Laviniere, W, Konadu-Mensah, C and Jeyasingh, M, (2019) Advance HE Teaching and Learning Conference: Northumbria University. 2.7.2019

Adewumi, B and Thomas, D (2018) Reading List review, Learning & Teaching Conference, presented at University of Kent, September.

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