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VC's Cup

The Vice-Chancellor's inter-departmental staff tournament

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The Vice-Chancellor's Cup (VC's Cup) is an inter-departmental tournament for all University of Kent staff. From November 2023 to September 2024 staff departments across the University compete in a series of activities! All departments and abilities are welcome. 

To take part in the VC Cup, you must have a FREE Kent Sport Pay to Play membership: please sign up on the Kent Sport memberships page.

Departmental teams are encouraged to participate in each event. The events are typically around one hour long and mostly take place during lunch hours.

If you would like to participate in the VC's Cup for 2023/24, please check out our participating teams and get in touch with the relevant team captain. 


As we kick off this sporting extravaganza, remember that participating isn’t just about winning; it’s embracing the benefits of physical activity not only for your health but also your mental health.

Karen Cox Vice Chancellor and President

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Vice Chancellor's Cup

Departmental tournament for all ages and abilities


It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere, engage in fun activities and build stronger bonds.

Karen Cox Vice Chancellor and President


This year we have 15 departmental teams entered into the Vice Chancellor's Cup, plus the Vice Chancellor's team, a new team for anyone wanting to take part in the VC's Cup but doesn't have a departmental team to join.    

Events schedule 2023 - 2024

What, where and when!

*Events between 12pm-2pm will only require teams to attend 1hr, either 12pm-1pm OR 1pm-2pm. This will be communicated to teams a week prior to the event.


Teams attending each event play and earn points towards their overall VC's Cup rankings. At the end of each event, teams receive the full results and updated rankings.

Scoring is as follows: 1st place receives 20pts, 2nd place receives 19pts, 3rd place receives 18pts and so on.


JOKER - double your points for an event

BENCH BOOST - recruit 1 sports development staff to join your team for an event

FREE HIT - guarantee mid-table points regardless of end result in an event

*Only one chip can be used for an event.

**Chips may only be used once per year.


Our Sports Development Team will be excited to have you on board and they can’t wait to see your enthusiasm and talent on the field. Let’s make fitness, camaraderie and fun a part of our work culture.

Karen Cox Vice Chancellor and President

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2023-24 Event Results

View individual event results or see who's at the top of the leader board! 

1Liquorice All Sports252
2Keepers of the Keys238
4Marlowe's Marauders224
6RISistence is Futile208
7Living La Vida Mocha206
8Campus Sporting Exploits200
9SPP Power198
10Chipperfield Circus179
11Flu Fighters168
12U Bunch O'Kents162
13Back to the Future (Student)140
14Happy Ravers136
15Fine Ants126

PlaceTeamTotalChips used
2Happy Ravers20
3Marlowe's Marauders19
4U Bunch O'Kents18
5RISistence is Futile18
6Living La Vida Mocha17
7Keepers of the Keys17
8Liquorice All Sports16
9Chipperfield Circus15
10Campus Sporting Exploits14
13Flu Fighters13
14Back to the Future (Student)0
15Fine Ants0

PlaceTeamTotalChips used
1Keepers of the Keys21 
2RISistence is Futile19 
3Liquorice All Sports19 
4Marlowe’s Marauders18 
6Campus Sporting Exploits16 
7Living La Vida Mocha15 
8Back to the Future (student)13 
9Fine Ants13*Free hit
11Happy Ravers11 
12Flu Fighters11 
13SPP Power9 
14Chipperfield Circus8 
15U Bunch O’Kents8  

PlaceTeamTotalChips used
1Liquorice All Sports33*Joker
3Marlowe's Marauders19*Bench Boost
4Back to the future [student]19
5U Bunch O'Kents18
6SPP Power16
8Fine Ants13
9Happy Ravers13
10Living La Vida Mocha13
11Keepers of the keys12
12Campus Sporting Exploits11
13Flu Fighters10*Free Hit
14Chipperfield Circus9
15RISistence is Futile7

PlaceTeamTotalChips used
1Keepers of the Keys41*Joker
2RISistence is Futile29*Joker
3Fine Ants19
4Flu Fighters18
5Back to the future (student)17
7Liquorice All Sports16
8SPP Power13
9U Bunch O’Kents13*Free Hit
10Marlowe’s Marauders13
12Living La Vida Mocha10
13Campus Sporting Exploits10
14Happy Ravers8
15Chipperfield Circus7

PlaceTeamTotalChips used
1Liquorice All Sports21
3Keepers of the Keys18
4Marlowe's Marauders18
6Flu Fighters16
7RISistence is Futile15
8Fine Ants14
9Happy Ravers14
10Living La Vida Mocha13
11Chipperfield Circus13
12Campus Sporting Exploits12
13SPP Power11
14U Bunch O'Kents0
15Back to the future [student]0

PlaceTeamTotalChips used
1Marlowe's Marauders21
2Liquorice All Sports20
3Living La Vida Mocha19
4Chipperfield Circus18
5Campus Sporting Exploits17
6SPP Power16
7U Bunch O'Kents15
8Flu Fighters14
9Keepers of the Keys13
10RISistence is Futile12
11Happy Ravers11
14Fine Ants7
15Back to the future [student]0

PlaceTeamTotalChips used
1Living La Vida Mocha21
3Liquorice All Sports19
4Happy Ravers18
5Back to the future (student)16
6Fine Ants16
7RISistence is Futile15
8Campus Sporting Exploits14
9Chipperfield Circus13Free Hit
10SPP Power13Free Hit
11Marlowe’s Marauders13
12Keepers of the Keys12
14U Bunch O’Kents9
15Flu Fighters8

ositionTeamTotal Chips used
2Living La Vida Mocha21
3Liqourice All Sports19
4U Bunch O'Kents19
5Marlowe's Marauders19
6Chipperfield Circus18
7Keepers of the Keys18
8Flu Fighters17
9SPP Power16
11Campus Sporting Exploits16
12RISistence is Futile15
13Back to the future (student)14
14Happy Ravers0
15Fine Ants0

PlaceTeam NameTotalChips used
2Chipperfield Circus21
3Living La Vida Mocha19
4Flu Fighters18
6Liquorice All Sports16
7SPP Power15
8RISistence is Futile14
9Keepers of the Keys13Free Hit
10Back to the future Student13Free Hit
11Campus Sporting Exploits12
12Fine Ants12
13Marlowe's Marauders11
14U Bunch O'Kents9
15Happy Ravers0

Place TeamTotal Chips used
1Liquorice All Sports19
2Keepers of the Keys21
5Marlowe's Marauders11
6Living La Vida Mocha12
7SPP Power35Joker
8RISistence is Futile10
9Campus Sporting Exploits31Joker
10Flu Fighters8
11Chipperfield Circus9
12U Bunch O'Kents7
13Happy Ravers15
14Fine Ants12
15Back to the Future (Student)13

PlaceTeamTotalChips used
1Marlowe's Marauders21
2Chipperfield Circus20
4Liquorice All Sports18
5Keepers of the 16
6RISistence is Futile
7U Bunch O'Kents14Bench Boost
8Fine Ants13
9Living La Vida Mocha13
11SPP Power10
12Flu Fighters10
13Back to the Future (Student)8
14Campus Sporting Exploits8
15Happy Ravers0

PlaceTeamTotalChips used
1RISistence is Futile20
3Marlowe’s Marauders19
4Keepers of the Keys17
5Campus Sporting Exploits17
6Living La Vida Mocha16
8Liquorice All Sports14
9U Bunch O’Kents12Bench Boost
10SPP Power11
11Happy Ravers10
12Chipperfield Circus10
13Back to the future (student)8
14Flu Fighters7
15Fine Ants6

Points TeamTotalChips used
1Marlowe's Marauders21
2Liquorice All Sports21
3Campus Sporting Exploits21
6U Bunch O'Kents19
7RISistence is futile18
8Chipperfield Circus18
9SPP Power18
10Back to the Future (Student)18
11Keepers of the Keys17
12Flu Fighters17
13Living La Vida Mocha16
14Happy Ravers15


PlaceTeamTotalChips used

PlaceTeamTotalChips used

PlaceTeamTotalChips used

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