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Public memberships

Options for adults, juniors, and over 55s

Join the University community

We welcome all members of the local community to join Kent Sport and enjoy the fantastic sport and fitness facilities across the Canterbury campus.

An exclusive offer

If you signed up as a Kent Sport member during our summer membership promotion, we are offering an exclusive discount on annual membership. We're extending the deadline to get this price to 30 September 2023.

To purchase your membership, visit the Sports Centre and The Pavilion receptions. 

See the exclusive prices below:

Membership typeOffer price
Premium PlusPlus
Public Adult£470£310
Public Junior and Over 55s£250£160
Staff and Alumni£280£180

Junior price drop

We've reduced the price of our junior membership to match our over 55s pricing, so you can save up to £64 with an annual junior membership. 

Available to 16 to 18 year olds only.

Prices and buy online

Purchasing an annual Kent Sport membership is easy. You can either purchase online or at the Sports Centre and The Pavilion receptions.

  • star

    Premium Plus


    £495 annual

    Junior and over 55s: 

    £273 annual

  • tennis



    £323 annual

    Junior and over 55s: 

    £178 annual

  • coin-pound

    Pay to Play

    Adults: £7 per session

    Juniors: £6 per session

    Over 55s: £5 per session

What's included?

Not sure what you get when you sign up to a staff or alumni membership with Kent Sport? Depending on which option you choose, you can access the following:

Over 55s can also join our Active Retirement social sports sessions each week. See more details on our ALL Active webpage.

More information

Public adult memberships are available for over 18s only. Public junior memberships are available to anyone 16-18 years old.  

All public adult, junior, and over 55 membership options can be purchased online or at the Sports Centre and The Pavilion receptions.  

Any questions?

Call us: 01227 823 623

Not ready to commit to an annual membership?

Our Pay to Play membership is a great way to experience the stunning University of Kent Canterbury campus and our incredible sport and fitness facilities without the commitment of a full membership. There's no joining fee for our Pay to Play membership and it's available to everyone. 

A Pay to Play account is provided automatically when you create a new account, and you simply pay for each session when you book.