This child protection simulation takes place at Rosie’s home, with various members of her family present. The visual setting, the emotive characters and the family interactions, provide a wealth of content to debate and develop your skills.
Drawing showing a woman standing and two toddlers in bed

Overview of training

As you progress through the 13 scenes, Rosie 2 provides a safe way to explore how to deal with potentially unsafe situations, addressing hostility and disguised compliance, and identifying elements of concern during a home visit. Ongoing support and advice is provided to ensure the resources are maximised within your organisation, as well as a number of worksheets for you to use or adapt to suit your needs.

Based on extensive research, Rosie 2 is a valuable tool for practitioners working with families in their homes.

Inter-professional learning of this quality [Rosie2] on child protection is long overdue.


Learning outcomes

Through 'playing' Rosie 2, practitioners can become able to:

  • understand the pros and cons of undertaking a joint visit
  • undertake planning in families where there are concerns of neglect
  • identify skills that can be used
  • understand the use of space and environment features during a home visit
  • identify some of the key elements of neglect
  • focus on the needs of different children in the family
  • identify features of a child's relationship with the mother
  • adopt a holistic assessment of a case
  • identify indicators of disguised compliance
  • evaluate the possible tensions and inconsistencies of a long-term case with frequent changes of key professionals
  • plan how to work with the family
  • reflect on the child protection responsibilities of others, such as health visitors, education welfare officers and head teachers
  • understand how 'direct work' can be used to gain insight into the child's thoughts, feelings and experiences
  • understand the importance of rapport-building in developing a supportive relationship with a child
  • gain skills in communicating with children
  • reflect on what they as  practitioners do to address a child's concerns with an adult.

Please bear in mind that the range of learning outcomes will depend on the way that Rosie 2 is facilitated.

The Rosie 2 simulation is designed for all child protection professionals including:

  • social workers
  • healthcare workers
  • teachers
  • lawyers.

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The simulations are available for organisations, individuals and independent trainers. We are also happy to arrange a 1-day masterclass or a bespoke group training session at your organisation. Please email 

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