myCourtroom: Rosie’s family go to court

‘myCourtroom’ is an interactive and immersive simulation which continues the story of Rosie as her family goes to court. The realistic scenarios shown encourage discussions on court skills – specifically, safe practice, best practice, and positive outcomes for the child.

Initially a private law case, as the case progresses, a disclosure by Rosie results in local authority involvement which leads to Rosie’s case becoming a public law case. Through the simulation you encounter some of the confusing, potentially dangerous and emotionally draining situations faced in court practice, giving you the opportunity to discuss these issues in a safe environment with other professionals.

You also take part in exercises focused on the process of giving evidence and being cross-examined and are given advice on how to support children, Litigants in Person (LiPs) and adults with special needs, prior to involvement in a court setting. 

Drawing of two adults and a child in room with court logo behind them

Learning outcomes

By participating in our myCourtroom simulation you will be able to:

  • understand the different protocols in private and public proceedings in the family legal system
  • understand the different roles and expertise of professionals in the family courts; including the role of Cafcass in a range of family proceedings
  • understand what’s expected of you in terms of your own presentation in court including attire, how to address a judge or magistrate and conduct inside and outside of the courtroom
  • confidently scrutinise details and challenge where appropriate; and give evidence based on your own knowledge, observations and opinions, even if this does not align with that of other professionals
  • use research appropriately when using evidence in your assessments, analysis and professional judgements
  • write reports including critical and analytical content that remain focused on the child(ren)
  • prepare for court by focusing on “knowing the case” in order to ensure credible decision-making in the best interests of the child
  • explore professional dilemmas around sibling group separation, permanency and neglect (threshold) in a court context
  • promote the sharing of inter-professional practice, knowledge and tools.

Please bear in mind that the range of learning outcomes will depend on the way that myCourtroom is facilitated. We are happy to advise on this if you decide to roll it out within your organisation as part of the Trainer Package.

Our partners

myCourtroom was devised in partnership with the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass). For more details, please go to our research website.

The myCourtroom simulation is designed for:

  • social workers
  • family court advisers
  • child protection professionals.  

Please see our online store for details. 

The simulations are available for organisations, individuals, independent trainers and we are also happy to arrange a 1-day masterclass or a bespoke group training session at your organisation. Please email

Before booking your place, please note: unless formally agreed by the University of Kent, licences may not be used to generate income, licence holders may not be commissioned to deliver training and are not permitted to share enrolment details with others. Licences are for use within schools/organisations or for own CPD. Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking your place on the CPD session.    

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