Tiernan Douieb, 'The World is Full of Idiots, Let's Live in Space' (TD/2/5/2). All rights reserved. Cropped from original.
The Tiernan Douieb Collection forms part of the British Stand-Up Comedy Archive.

It contains material, such as programmes and publicity, collected and created by Tiernan Douieb relating to his career in stand-up comedy. This includes:

  • Tiernan's solo shows and collaborative performances
  • his comedy club 'Fat Tuesdays' (including line-ups, email newsletters and photographs)
  • other projects he's involved in, such as:
    • Comedy 4 Kids
    • The Hobgoblin Comedy Awards 2014-2015
    • the Phoenix Fringe Festival
    • Zomedy, a zombie-themed comedy show created in association with the Leicester Square Theatre’s 13th Hour Horror Festival

Collection in brief

Contents: Publicity, programmes, comedy club records, photographs
Period: 2007-2015
Subjects: stand-up comedy, comedy festivals, comedy clubs

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