The Buddy Hell Collection forms part of the British Stand-Up Comedy Archive.

Buddy Hell is the main stage name of Ray Campbell. The Buddy Hell Collection contains material collected and created by Ray relating to his activities in alternative cabaret and alternative comedy, from 1987 through to the 2000s.

Much of the collection relates to Cabaret-A-Go Go, a cabaret club in Newcastle-upon-Tyne established in October 1987 by 'The Fun Committee' (Ray Campbell, Martine d'Ellard, Clive Lyttle and Bass Jansen), as a way to bring alternative cabaret in Newcastle. Cabaret-A-Go Go was to be a mixed cabaret show of music, poetry and comedy.

The Buddy Hell Collection also includes material relating to Ray's stand-up act such as:

  • set lists
  • stage notes
  • publicity material
  • promotional photographs

Collection in brief

Contents: Promotional material, press cuttings, set lists, notes
Period: 1987-2005
Subjects: alternative cabaret, comedy, performance, stand-up comedy, alternative comedy

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