Gig poster for Attila the Stockbroker on October 31st at the Man in the Moon, Norfolk St., Cambridge.
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Attila the Stockbroker Archive

The Attila the Stockbroker Archive forms part of the British Stand-Up Comedy Archive.

Attila the Stockbroker, performance poet, has donated his personal collection of material relating to his career. This archive, created and collected by Attila, includes records of:

  • his work (such as notebooks and first drafts of poems)
  • press coverage
  • publicity and promotional material for performance poetry and music gigs (flyers and posters) including for Glastonwick and Barnstormer events
  • fanzines and zines he collected and contributed to
  • his manifesto for election as Student President whilst at the University of Kent in 1978

A selection of material from the Attila the Stockbroker Archive is available on the British Stand-Up Comedy Archive flickr site.

Collection in brief

Contents: notebooks, press cuttings, zines, promotional materials
Period: 1978-2013
Subjects: poetry, performance

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