The Richard Herring Collection forms part of the British Stand-Up Comedy Archive.

The collection contains material related to Richard Herring's career, performing theatre and comedy since his time at the University of Oxford It includes:

  • scripts for radio, television and plays
  • promotional material for stand-up comedy performances
  • published material by Richard Herring (including books and DVDs).

The collection is in a wide variety of formats, including:

  • original material on paper (scripts, reviews, tour flyers and brochures)
  • published material (books, pamphlets, and a DVD)
  • born-digital material (documents and files saved to 3.5" floppy disks)
  • 179 tiff image files from Richard's 'Comedy and Drama in Oxford notebook' (loaned to and scanned by the British Stand-Up Comedy Archive)

Collection in brief

Contents: Promotional material, published material, scripts
Period: 1986-2014
Subjects: comedy, performance, stand-up comedy, theatre, fringe theatre

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