Work and study from home / off campus

Staff: remote access to services and systems

How to access University services, systems and software when working remotely.

Use the right method to access Kent tools, systems and software

The Remote Desktop Gateway service will be replaced later this year (July 2024), with a new Specialist Remote Access service to support staff and students working on big data analysis projects and requiring high performance computing for computationally intensive research.

Please use our recommended methods to access the Kent network, administrative tools and IT services when working remotely.

Services you can access with internet browser

You can access and use these services at home with just an internet browser.

Services you can access using VPN

Install Kent VPN to connect securely to the Kent network from off campus. You can then access the following services:

Work Resources

Work Resources provides remote desktop access to corporate systems and specialised software such as CMIS (Timetabling); UBW (Agresso) and Workflows (LibrarySearch / catalogue).

See below for a full listing of corporate systems / software available through Work Resources - please note: when you log in you will only see tools / systems for which you have access permissions. If you cannot see tools you should have access to, please contact us.

Corporate software available via Work Resources

  • Advantage: Sports Centre
  • Audacity: audio editing tool
  • Business Continuity Staff Desktop
  • CMIS: Scheduler
  • CMIS: Timetabling system
  • Contact Centre Client: Clearing tool
  • Digital Certificates Admin Portal: HR system
  • DIT Client: IS Data Integrations Team only
  • Ignite: Clearing system
  • Jaspersoft: HR / StaffConnect reporting tool
  • Kinetics: Accommodation system
  • MS Visual Studio: MS licence required
  • MSSQL Management Studio: direct database access
  • PWC VAT Return: Finance system
  • QlikView: Data reporting tool (Data Engineering & BI TEam)
  • SITS Client: KentVision - GUI interface
  • TOTAL TRAC: Academic time allocation system
  • UBW: Finance system
  • UKVI SMS: UKVI Visa SMS system
  • Workflows - Library system
  • Xn Leisure: Sports Centre

Specialised software or hardware not covered by other methods of access

Data / software stored only on your PC

If you need access to specialised software or data available only on your work computer, please contact us.

You can use Software finder to download / access software, or find recommended third-party apps.

Access to administrative tools installed on campus servers

Kent provides secure remote access to administrative tools via jump servers such as Cheddar, IT Reps and Crowdie.

If you need remote access to administrative tools which are not available via Work Resources (above),  please contact us


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