Wi-Fi manual instructions

Check: can you download our setup tool?

Can you get online in one of these ways?

  • From a campus bedroom, connect a PC/laptop to the wired internet in your room to download our Wi-Fi and Wired internet setup tool
  • From a mobile/tablet, use mobile data to download our setup tool

If you can't get online

Follow the step by step instructions below to set up Wi-Fi manually.

PC/Mac instructions

  • From the Desktop right-click the Wi-Fi icon (bottom right). Click Network and Sharing Centre
  • Select Setup a new connection or network
  • Select Manually connect to a wireless network > Next
  • Network name: eduroam
  • Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
  • Enter Encryption type: AES
  • Click Next 
  • Change connection settings 
  • Security tab
  • Settings 
  • Tick: Connect to these servers and type this in: radius2.ad.kent.ac.uk
  • In the Trusted Root Certification Authorities window tick GlobalSign Root CA
  • Click Configure and untick ‘Automatically use my Windows logon name and password
  • Click OK
  • Advanced Settings
  • Tick Specify authentication mode and select User authentication
  • Click OK / Close 

Log in to connect: 

  • Click the wireless icon, and connect to eduroam
  • Enter your IT username followed by @kent.ac.uk  

  • Open the AirPort menu and select eduroam. If it’s not listed, select Join other network, type eduroam as the network name and select WPA2 Enterprise in the security field.
  • To log in, enter your Kent IT Account username followed by @kent.ac.uk

Only accept a GlobalSign Root CA certificate if radius2.ad.kent.ac.uk is on the certificate. 

If automatic set up doesn’t work, try turning Airport off and on again (using the Airport menu).

Mobiles and tablets

Your Android device may vary slightly from these instructions.

  • Is Wi-Fi on? Go to Applications, Settings, Wireless and Networks and Wi-Fi Settings and turn on Wi-Fi
  • From the scan result, choose eduroam and check that these settings are selected for eduroam:
    - EAP method: PEAP
    - Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
    - CA Certificate: Unspecified
    - User Certificate: Unspecified
  • For Identity, enter your Kent IT Account username followed by @kent.ac.uk (username abc1 would enter abc1@kent.ac.uk)
  • Leave Anonymous identity blank 
  • Enter your IT Account password
  • Tap Connect  

  • Make sure Wi-Fi is on: from home, tap Settings, Wi-Fi, ON
  • Choose a network and select eduroam
  • Enter your Kent IT Account username followed by @kent.ac.uk - example, for username abc1 you would enter abc1@kent.ac.uk
  • Tap Join
  • If the network certificate says radius2.ad.kent.ac.uk, you can accept it. If it says something else please contact us
  • When you’re connected there’s a tick next to eduroam


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