Wi-Fi manual instructions

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If neither are possible for you, follow the steps below for your device type.

How to set up Wi-Fi manually

  • Download the University's Root CA certificate and install it into your computer's Trusted Root Certification Authorities store
  • From the Desktop right-click the Wi-Fi icon (bottom right). Click Network and Sharing Centre
  • Select Setup a new connection or network
  • Select Manually connect to a wireless network > Next
  • Network name: eduroam
  • Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
  • Enter Encryption type: AES
  • Click Next
  • Change connection settings
  • Security tab
  • Settings
  • Tick: Connect to these servers and type this in: wifi.kent.ac.uk
  • In the Trusted Root Certification Authorities window tick University of Kent Root CA
  • Click Configure and untick ‘Automatically use my Windows logon name and password’
  • Click OK
  • Advanced Settings
  • Tick Specify authentication mode and select User authentication
  • Click OK / Close

Log in to connect: 

  • Click the wireless icon, and connect to eduroam
  • Enter your IT username followed by @kent.ac.uk  

  • Open the AirPort menu and select eduroam. If it’s not listed, select Join other network, type eduroam as the network name and select WPA2 Enterprise in the security field.
  • To log in, enter your Kent IT Account username followed by @kent.ac.uk

Only accept the certificate if it shows to have been signed by the University of Kent Root CA with the CN wifi.kent.ac.uk:

Your Android device may vary slightly from these instructions.

Download the University's Root CA certificate and install it:

  • Go to Settings
  • Search for 'certificate'
  • Select Install network certificates
  • At the bottom of the advanced window select Install network certificates
  • This takes you into file storage. Select Downloads
  • Select downloads > Select rootCAcertificate 
  • Select Done  


  • Is Wi-Fi on? Go to ApplicationsSettingsWireless and Networks and Wi-Fi Settings and turn on Wi-Fi
  • From the scan result, choose eduroam and check that these settings are selected for eduroam:
    • EAP method: PEAP
    • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
    • CA Certificate: select the RootCACertificate you downloaded above
    • If you see User Certificate, leave it blank or unspecified
  • For Identity, enter your Kent IT Account username followed by @kent.ac.uk (username abc1 would enter abc1@kent.ac.uk)
  • Leave Anonymous identity blank 
  • Enter your IT Account password
  • Domain: wifi.kent.ac.uk (if needed)
  • Tap Connect

  • Make sure Wi-Fi is on: from home, tap SettingsWi-FiON
  • Choose a network and select eduroam
  • Enter your Kent IT Account username followed by @kent.ac.uk - example, for username abc1 you would enter abc1@kent.ac.uk
  • Tap Join
  • If asked to trust a WiFi certificate from the University, select trust/accept etc as appropriate
  • If the network certificate says wifi.kent.ac.uk, you can accept it:
    • the certificate fingerprint should be: F9 D9 49 DA 8F 2F 20 97 8C 7C 17 D9 4D 5E 24 3A 51 3C F4 82
    • if it says something else please contact us

Kent Wi-Fi certificates


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