Software for students and staff


The University pays for software that you can download and use for free, or buy at a reduced rate. Your school or department may offer other software applications, so make sure to check with them.

Free Microsoft Office for you

Microsoft Office 365 apps

Download full Microsoft Office 365 on your phone, laptop and tablet for free.

Software finder

Use our software finder to download/access software we've bought for you, or find third-party apps that we recommend.

  • Search by category or browse: find out what software is available to help you work and study
  • Software for student and staff PCs or your own device: find and download study, research and teaching software we've paid for on your behalf
  • Improve your productivity: check out the Accessibility category for recommended software, apps and assistive technology

Students: Windows 10 discounted

Discounted Windows 10 system software is only available to Kent students.

Staff should be using a work device provided by the University which will have Windows 10 or 11 pre-installed.

Renew your software license

You need to agree to these terms before you can use University-licensed software.

  1. I won't share the licence code with anyone else.
  2. I will only use the software for educational or non-commercial research purposes.
  3. I will comply with University IT regulations.
  4. I am a current student or staff member.

Staff: how to request software

If you need extra software for your staff PC or to work from home, speak to your local IT staff or contact us

Access from home / off campus

How to access software and online services from off campus:


Find out all the ways you can get in touch:.

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