Recommend a book or resource the Library doesn't have

If you're a Kent student or staff member, you can request items that we don't currently have. We also welcome suggestions to add new materials to our collection, including for reading for pleasure.

We aim to make all the books and resources available that you need for your learning and research. Before you make a request or recommendation, make sure we don't already have what you need:

Which type of request you should make depends on what material you need, what you need it for and who would benefit.

Is it for your specific research?

If you need a book or resource for a lengthy period during your research project or thesis, use the Recommend a book or resource for the Library form.

Do you need it quickly?

Book, book chapter or article: use the Document delivery service. Items can take 2-3 weeks to arrive, but this way is likely to be quicker than recommending an item for us to buy. 

Teaching materials (staff only)

Will it also be useful to others?

Any type of library material: if you think the book or resource you need would also be useful to others, and you don't need it very quickly, use the Recommend a book or resource for the Library form.

You can also use this to recommend reading for pleasure.

Due to budget constraints, we may not be able to buy everything you recommend, and it can take some time. 


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