The reading list service is your way of ordering books, e-books, DVDs and other resources for your students for teaching purposes.

Library staff can see and ensure provision of required resources.

Students can plan their study with access to required module reading and can link to electronic resources and live library catalogue records.

Access the reading list system for Canterbury or Medway 

To order research materials, please contact your liaison librarian.  

When to update your reading list

Your reading list determines what we order and how many copies we buy for your students.

Each term, we'll email you to remind you to update your reading lists. You need to:

  1. Check: go to the Dashboard and check the resources on your  2022-23 list
  2. Edit: add new resources and remove out-of-date ones. Set the importance: is it Core, Recommended or Background reading?
  3. Publish: make your list live, so that we know what items we need to order.

We’ll process every list you publish. 

Reading list publication schedule


If you publish your list during the GREEN period: 

  • Autumn term:  May – July 2023
  • Spring term: May – September 2023

We'll review your lists. We have the best chance of delivering your resources for the beginning of term and we'll tell you if there's anything we're unable to buy. 


If you publish your list during the AMBER period: 

  • Autumn term: August – Welcome Week 2023
  • Spring term: October – November 2023

This is our peak ordering period: we’ll review lists in the order they arrive but delivery time may be longer.


If you publish your list during the RED period:

  • Autumn term: Week 1 – November 2023
  • Spring term: December 2023 – March 2024

We'll review your lists, but it's unlikely that new or extra resources will be available until later in the term.


For help and further guidance contact readinglisthelp@kent.ac.uk

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