Reading list support for academic staff

Find, create and publish your reading lists

The reading list service is your way of ordering books, e-books, DVDs and other resources for your students for teaching purposes.

You can fully personalise and design your reading list to suit your students’ needs by using sections to break up the reading into weeks or topics, and by including notes. You can also create your structure to match your Moodle module.

View our video guides or download PDF instructions with screenshots below to: 

  • create a new reading list
  • add books to your reading list
  • download the Talis browser extension
  • add journal articles and other resources
  • edit your list
  • publish and review your list

Alternatively you can view our Reading list guides: web instructions online.

Adding books to your reading list

Download the Talis browser extension

Adding journal articles and other resources to your reading list

Embed sections of your reading list into your Moodle module

Publish and review your reading list


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