KAR - the Kent Academic Repository

KAR and your staff profile

You can edit which publications appear on your staff profile on your school website by making changes in KAR.

Publications shown in your staff profile

The publications section of your staff profile uses KAR records to provide accurate information about the works you have authored. This happens automatically based on your email address.

For your staff profile to recognise your works and pull them into your profile page, the record in KAR must have your full email address in the creators’ section of the KAR record:

  • Kent staff: always use the long form of your Kent email address, for example A.N.Other@kent.ac.uk (not ano68@kent.ac.uk)
  • If you're not Kent staff: use the short form of your email address, for example ano68@kent.ac.uk

Your work must be one of these item types:

  • Articles, Books, Book Sections, Reviews, Monographs, Conference Items
  • Research Reports, Internet publications
  • Edited Books, Edited Journals
  • Performances, Exhibitions, Video, Audio
  • Theses
  • Patents, Images, Experiments and Other

The status recorded on KAR must be one of these:

  • Published
  • In Press
  • Submitted
  • Completed

Forthcoming items

Items with the KAR status ‘In Press’ or ‘Submitted’ are grouped in a section with a heading ‘Forthcoming’ at the bottom of your profile page.

We regularly check ‘In Press’ items in KAR to identify those where full publications details have become available. We add this information to the KAR record and when the item has been published the status is changed to reflect this, causing the item to show in the main section of your staff profile publications list.

Changing your records in KAR

If you change anything in a KAR entry, it will take 24 hours to appear in the publications section of your staff profile.

Select which records appear in your staff profile

All records that meet the conditions above will appear in your staff profile by default. But you can exclude pieces of work from showing if you want:

  • New records: on the ‘Further Details’ tab in the KAR there's a tick box under the heading ‘Kent Staff profile.’ When you create a new record or import details from another source, the box will be ticked by default. To prevent the KAR record from showing in your staff profile, untick the box before you deposit the item.
  • Existing records in KAR: these will also have the box ticked. If you don’t want a publication to show in your profile, you need to edit the record and untick the box.

How to edit your KAR records

  1. Find the record on your staff profile page and click View in KAR.
  2. Click the link at the bottom of the page and log into KAR.
  3. Click Edit this record.
  4. Choose the Further Details tab and untick the box under the section ‘Kent Staff profile.’
  5. Click Save for later.

The change will take 24 hours to take effect in your staff profile.

If you can’t see the Edit button

If the entry was added to KAR by someone else you don’t have permission to edit it. In this case, email researchsupport@kent.ac.uk with the following details:

  • KAR ID of the item: this is the number at the end of the web address for the item, for example: https://kar.kent.ac.uk/70465/
  • title of the item and creator name, so we can be sure we have the correct entry
  • what you want to change.

We'll edit the record for you and contact you if there are any issues.


Email researchsupport@kent.ac.uk

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