Import publications to KAR using DOIs and other identifiers

You can import publication details from various sources into the Kent Academic Repository as individual items.

You can import items into KAR using:

  • DOIs (digital object identifiers) – from CrossRef
  • PubMed IDs
  • ArXiv IDs

DOIs, PubMed IDs and ArXiv IDs

Most journal articles, conference papers and books available on the internet are assigned a unique, interoperable and persistent digital object identifier (DOI) made up of letters and/or numbers:

  • they always start with 10
  • they can have letters or numbers in groups divided by slashes (/) or dots (.), for example 10.22024/UniKent/01.01.52
  • each DOI is linked with some basic bibliographic information or metadata about the work, including its URL

PubMed and ArXiv IDs work in a similar way. In these online bibliographic databases each record is given an ID number that links to that record.

If you know the DOIs, PubMed IDs or ArXiv IDs for your publications, you can import the information associated with the record directly into KAR.

These sources don’t provide all the information KAR needs: you still need to edit the record you've created using the import. You need to add:

  • local information like your Kent email address, school and research centre
  • richer content like abstract, keywords and full text

Deposit works using DOI, PubMed or ArXiv ID import

Import and edit

  1. Log into KAR using your Kent IT Account username and password. You'll see your ‘Manage deposits’ page (also called ‘User Workarea’).
  2. Check that the record doesn’t already exist in KAR: search for the author and some keywords from the title using the Advanced Search at the top right of the screen.
  3. Click the Import from drop-down box and select the DOI (via CrossRef), ArXiv ID or PubMed ID option, then click Import.
  4. Enter DOIs in this form: 10.1007/s11739-011-0554-2 (don't include the URL or the word "DOI:")
  5. You can paste either single or multiple IDs - enter multiple IDs one per line. You can import up to 10 items at once.
  6. If you enter just one ID, clicking the Import button will take you into that record. If you enter more than one DOI at once clicking Import will return you to your ‘User Workarea.’ All the successfully imported records will be listed there, ready for you to edit and deposit.
  7. Add the following details to each record (these are mandatory fields indicated by a star icon):
    1. full Kent email address: if you're Kent staff, always use the long form of your Kent email address. eg If you're not Kent staff, use the short form, eg
    2. school or research centre in the Divisions field.
  8. You can add details for non-mandatory fields such as:
    1. abstract
    2. keywords
  9. Upload a copy of the full text and make it accessible in line with the publisher policy, Research England policy and University of Kent policy.


When you’ve finished the entry, select the Deposit tab. If you missed a mandatory field, you’ll be alerted. You won’t be able to deposit an item until all the mandatory sections have been completed.

Click the Deposit Item Now button. If you don’t, the entry will remain in your Manage Deposits work area and will not be live in KAR. That means nobody except you can see items in your Manage Deposits work area. This may have implications for Open Access requirements.

What happens next?

We'll check the new entry as soon as possible. It normally takes 2 working days but can take longer during busy periods.

We’ll email you if we have any questions or you need to take action.



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