Supporting your research


Supporting your research

Our team can help you from the research funding application stage through to publication and assessing impact.

The IS research support team

We look after key systems that support research at Kent, including the Kent Academic Repository,  the Kent Data Repository and hosted social media and collaborative platforms. 

In turn, these systems support:

  • your academic profile on the Kent website and your impact record
  • publications lists for internal and external reports
  • Open Access, Open Data and Open Science.

How we can help you

We provide:

  • extensive guidance to support many of your research activities
  • workshops and presentations in collaboration with Research Services and the Graduate School
  • help with research data management (RDM) and RDM planning
  • help with Open Access, licences, copyright, funder and publishing queries
  • help with your technical needs, for example software, hardware, a website or other online functionality, and data gathering or analysis.

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Your technical needs

If your research project has technical requirements, work with us right from the start of the funding application process. This could be vital for a successful grant application and help ensure the delivery of your project.

We provide free consultancy to provide the right technical solution for your research by identifying the required resources and costs. Our response time is based on the complexity of your research project.

What we can help you with

Technical plans:

  • define the requirements for your projects so that you can build your technical plan
  • coordinate in-house peer review of your plan before submission
  • help with the planning of your project milestones.

Completing your funding application:

Delivering your project:

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