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Information Services support the diverse range of research outputs created by researchers across all disciplines and at all career stages at the University of Kent.
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How we support you

We work with you from the conception of your research project, through to archiving, data management, dissemination and preservation of practice research works. This helps with:

  • creating high quality funding applications
  • collaborations
  • increasing the reach of your research inside and outside of academia.

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Our core offer

  • We provide repositories for the preservation of the practice research works:
  • We offer advice on the preservation of practice research works, including digitisation, portfolio archiving and copyright issues
  • We deliver these services in accordance with industry standards and best practice developed in discussion with national bodies, including funders and special interest groups.

Using KAR and KDR gives you:

  • persistent identifiers for the greatest reach of your practice research works or data
  • archiving standards
  • metrics for the use of your work through download tracking
  • the ability to cross reference and group research outputs across a research project, including publications, presentations, creative works and defiant objects

We can advise you on:

  • Digitisation, including:
    • analogue to digital
    • digital to digital
    • sustainable file formats
    • website preservation.
  • Portfolio archives, incuding:
    • demonstrating research quality through portfolio submission
    • curation of collections.
  • Copyright, including:
    • the use of other people’s work in your practice research
    • the use, sharing and re-use of your own practice research works and the choices you have for licensing.

What is practice research?

Practice research works are items that arise from the synergy of a creator’s research and practice. They exist in a wide variety of formats, can be intangible and are enhanced by specialist support for description, preservation and discovery.

Practice research works could include, but are not limited to:

  • physical objects (buildings, sculptures, paintings, films, novels, book art)
  • events (performances, exhibitions, curations, demonstrations)
  • transient works (where time is a crucial part of the outcome)

Practice research works can be evidenced through:

  • recordings (photo, audio, video)
  • portfolio (collection of related materials)
  • digital surrogates (image, audio, video)
  • research methods archiving (for example sketchbooks, logbooks, workbooks, lab books)


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