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Explore ground-breaking research works created by experts from across the University of Kent

Discover our research

Explore practice research creations, from art & events to transiet works, from across the university

Discover our research

Delve into data that underpins the integrity of our research works

Discover our research

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Explore our research works

Research works that are written and created by our experts, from across the University of Kent, are discoverable in our Kent Academic Repository (KAR).

KAR is our institutional research repository. Its mission is to provide reliable, long-term, and open access to University of Kent research, making our research easier for you to find and use.

Discover our research data

Data that is created or gathered during research, by experts from across the University of Kent, can be explored in our Kent Data Repository (KDR). 

The Kent Data Repository is the University's institutional data repository. It's provides our researchers with the facility to share and explain there research data, or link it to a specialist subject archive.