Accessible accommodation

If you have disabilities and/or complex personal care needs and require University accommodation, we suggest you contact the University Student Support and Wellbeing service at your earliest opportunity.

After you contact us, we can then arrange a visit to the University so that your individual learning and living needs can be accurately identified. The University will make any necessary reasonable adjustments to the accommodation for you and assist with arranging any outside agency support if required.

For students with mobility issues or wheelchair users, we offer ground floor rooms with good access across the Canterbury campus. These are located in:

  • Keynes College
  • Park Wood (Kemsdale Court)
  • Turing College
  • Tyler Court (Blocks A, B and C)
  • Woolf College.

Accessible toilet facilities and vehicle parking spaces for students with disabilities are available throughout the campus.

Please note: If you require medical or other personal equipment to be available within your accommodation, you are required to pay for this equipment.

If you need a resident personal carer, the University can provide a room on campus. You will need to ensure the cost of the carer's room can be met. Home fee paying students may be able to reclaim the cost of the carer's accommodation from their home area Social Services Department. To be eligible for financial support, your community assessment 'Care Plan' must recommend the provision of a personal assistant or carer.

Accessibility and inclusion

As well as providing accessible and adaptable rooms, the University has implemented a number of initiatives to provide an accessible and inclusive environment. These include alternative formats for learning and teaching materials, assistive technologies, funding, Inclusive Learning Plans (ILPs), student mentoring, and specialist equipment and software.

See the Accessibility website for more information.

Accessibility expert using a tablet to assist a visually-impaired student

OPERA is a University-wide accessibility project  

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Exterior of the Gulbenkian cinema and theatre with colourful bunting

Gulbenkian Accessible Welcome Video 


We aim to offer all full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students with disabilities and/or complex personal care needs appropriate accommodation.

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