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Signs of radicalisation

Zak training: Spot the Signs of Online Radicalisation Training

Does your organisation comply with the mandatory Prevent Duty to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism?

The Centre for Child Protection will train you to help young people keep themselves safe online. Two learning tools are available after attendance at our Signs of Radicalisation training. This CPD training session has been designed to raise awareness of online grooming and radicalisation and both tools will be available for you to use with young people and vulnerable adults. 

Gamer Zak

Young Zak is a year 7 student in his first term at secondary school. Using a series of Vlogs on the ‘Wetube’ channel we see how, simply by talking online via a public vlog, young Zak compromises his safety by over sharing private information.  We see how he starts to be groom​ed for Radicalisation via online gaming. Learners are able to engage with the storyline and identify where online grooming may be taking place. Gamer Zak aims to develop young people’s critical thinking and encourages them to stay safe online. Gamer Zak can be used individually, in groups, or as part of a class or assembly lesson. There are questions for each Vlog to generate discussion around worksheets to gather evidence of teaching and learning.

young zak vlogs

Zak at University

Zak is a social media style simulation, enabling young people to protect themselves and their peers against online grooming and radicalisation. As they follow Zak's posts and messages on his timeline, they learn to analyse to spot early signs of grooming. Detailed answers and links to research in the comprehensive training pack provide background, insight and ongoing support. You will have the opportunity to use the 'Zak' simulation during the session and after the training you will be given free access to these resources and the comprehensive training pack for a year. You may then use the simulation with young people in group or one-to-one sessions.

Zak screen shots

Maryam and Joe: Behind Closed Doors

A further simulation is available looking at radicalisation and extremism and hate crime. Read more...

NEW: Zak Training Update by Child Abuse Review

This is a detailed review of 'Zak at University' and 'Gamer Zak' containing some interesting feedback and reasons to attend the training.
'Overall I would say that Zak is an excellent and innovative contribution to the field of building resilience to extremism' Child Abuse Review (2019) Read the review.

Download leaflet

Detailed course information available in our Zak training brochure and Young Zak the gamer leaflet .

Terms and condition of licence use please read before booking your place

Please read the terms and conditions before booking your place on the CPD session. Unless formally agreed by the University of Kent, licences may not be used to generate income, licence holders may not be commissioned to deliver training and are not permitted to share enrolment details with others. Licences are for use within schools/organisations of for own CPD.

Be special arrangement only: If your organisation has negotiated a bespoke package whereby a licence is able to be purchased separately to the training, after attending a session you should read these Terms and Conditions, and return the signed agreement page to us. We will then be able to send you the instructions to access the Zak resources once you have purchased your licence via our online shop page, or been invoiced if you use Purchase Orders. If you are not a school, please contact us with your Purchase Order number as these Terms and Conditions apply to schools only.

Book your place

Half day training session and 12 months access to the resources costs £249 per person. To register for a training session you may Book Your Place Here if you can pay by credit card.If you would like to be invoiced for the cost of your training, there is a £10 administrative fee applicable. Please contact us first with your purchase order to arrange booking your place. For group discount, or to host a session in your region, please do contact us.

Learning outcomes/objectives 'Young Zak the gamer'

  • To increase young people’s awareness of grooming for radicalisation
  • To reinforce messages of good online safety
  • To develop critical thinking in young people, equipping them with tools to keep themselves safe.
  • To generate discussion around Radicalisation, Grooming and British Values.
  • To generate understanding of how to raise concerns. 

Learning outcomes/objectives 'Zak'

  • To fulfil Ofsted requirements: delegates will have a full understanding of the risks posed by adults or learners who use technology, including the internet, to bully, groom, radicalise or abuse children or learners (2015).
  • To ensure you can identify children at risk of being drawn into terrorism
  • To help you gain the knowledge and confidence to challenge extremist ideas.
  • To ensure you know how to refer children and young people for further help.
  • To acquire knowledge and skills necessary to increase the awareness of young people around the process of radicalisation of individuals, particularly those who are involved in the transition from home to University.
  • To help you gain the knowledge and confidence to promote discussion amongst young people, enabling them to identify and discuss factors/indicators of radicalisation in their peers and to reflect on their own and others’ behaviour.
  • To gain knowledge of aspects of internet safety.
  • To raise awareness of the reporting process for young people’s concerns on radicalisation and internet safety.
  • To gain awareness of some of the procedures in place to support individuals in a pre-criminal space.

Kent Schools Evaluation of 'Zak'

The evaluation of feedback from Kent Schools since 2013 is available to download here.

Licence renewal

You will be sent a reminder to renew your licence, which is provided free for the first 12 months after your training session. A renewal fee of £100 per person will be requested to cover server/hosting charges. If you have group renewals please email us with the number required, in order to arrange a discounted price. Renew your licence via our online shop here.

How you can use the 'Zak' and 'Young Zak the gamer' resources

  • Facilitate with young people, vulnerable adults within a classroom environment.
  • Group work.
  • Feedback and discussion.

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Working in partnership

Statutory guidance issued under section 29 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 states:
1. Section 26 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 (the Act) places a duty on certain bodies (“specified authorities” listed in Schedule 6 to the Act), in the exercise of their functions, to have “due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”. This guidance is issued under section 29 of the Act. The Act states that the authorities subject to the provisions must have regard to this guidance when carrying out the duty.

Having due regard’ means that the authorities should place an appropriate amount of weight on the need to prevent people being drawn into terrorism when they consider all the other factors relevant to how they carry out their usual functions. Prevent Duty Guidance.

“Kent Police recognised the need to balance the delivery of visible community policing with effective services that tackle serious and organised crime and protect the public from harm.” (Kent Police 2013)

Kent Police, University of Kent: Centre for Child Protection, Kent County Council





"Very thought-provoking, highlights potential gap"
Social worker


"“We had OFSTED in….last week. Zak was observed in a sixth form lesson and OFSTED gave feedback that they thought the lesson content was excellent…..Thought you may like to know”
Teacher (by e-mail March 2014)


"This training has really opened my eyes"
Learning Lead, SEN


"Well delivered, excellent materials, very engaging."
Vice Principal, Student Services


"A lot of schools will want to use this, the product leads to very good discussions"
Prevent Education Officer


"Easily accessible for staff and students"





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