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'Rosie 1'

'Rosie 1' is our first prototype game and is free to use.  At the end of the game (and also shown below) there is a link to a short video - a small group discussion with child protection social workers, hosted by Professor David Shemmings and Professor Jane Reeves. This highlights some of the key professional issues from the game. There is also a short evaluation form.

There are a number of key features built into the ‘Rosie’ prototype:

  • The ability to move around the environment and explore certain features in the house
  • Conversation choices and subsequent reactions from the other characters
  • The ability to revisit the serious game to explore feelings and approaches
  • Points where the game stops for discussion opportunities

Watch the video

Watch Professor David Shemmings and Professor Jane Reeves discuss the making of 'Rosie 1', the first child protection simulation (serious training game) in this series.



A screenshot from the game showing the logo and a picture of a small child, visibly upset and clutching a soft toy.

Minimum requirement to run the game is windows XP (this prototype is not Mac compatible). Before downloading the game, please make sure you have admin rights to install it. If you have any technical difficulties, please check these additional instructions here first in case they answer your questions, or contact




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