The Centre for Child Protection (CCP) offers flexible options at postgraduate level. This allows you to choose a study path that suits your interests and supports your career.

Study for a qualification

Our programme in Advanced Child Protection allows you to gain a certificate, diploma or a Master's degree. The full Master's (MA) degree takes two years to complete and the University offers a range of funding opportunities for Master's students.    

As a distance-learning programme, the modules are part-time and taught online. You can listen to expert lectures online and take part in inter-professional simulations, role plays and discussion forums. You have one-to-one support from your tutor throughout your studies, and a chance to meet your fellow students at induction and study days.     

Our postgraduate modules can also be taken as standalone modules – see below for details.  

As a lawyer, it gave me a deeper insight into the complexities of practice for front-line professionals. You get an expansive perspective on all aspects of child protection – I found it to be a fantastic course.

Barrister, MA Advanced Child Protection alumnus

Standalone modules

Standalone modules 

It is possible to study certain individual modules from the MA on a Standalone basis. Each of our postgraduate standalone modules takes 10 weeks to complete and is equivalent to 20 credits at Master's level. They provide a taster and introduction to studying at the Centre for Child Protection, and if you wish to continue studying, you can use the credits from your taster modules to work towards a qualification in Advanced Child Protection (PCert, PDip or MA). However, please note that to join the postgraduate programme, you need to meet our entry requirements

Our Stanadalone modules may include:

Costs for standalone modules can be found on the Kent Online store (please note that you must submit an application (link below) before paying for a module on the online store).

Apply to study a Standalone module

 If you have any questions please contact the Centre.  

Direct work with children

The ability to understand children and young people’s experiences is crucial at both the assessment and intervention stage. Our innovative module, Direct Work with Children is taught over 20 weeks and is suitable for those who work with children or young people. A Study Day is held halfway through the programme to support you as you prepare for the assignment.

To register on this module, your place of employment must contact the course convenor by email to confirm your position within the organisation and your DBS (or international equivalent) status.

More information

For more information on any of our standalone modules, please contact the Centre. Payment is made via the University’s online store, and invoices can be requested if payment is being made by a third party (such as a company or organisation). More information about how to pay is provided following receipt of an application when an offer is made.

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