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Monika Bobinska Collection

The Monika Bobinska Collection forms part of the British Stand-Up Comedy Archive.

The Monika Bobinska Collection was deposited in April 2015. The majority of the collection contains records of, and documents relating to the Meccano Club, a comedy club in north London which was established in 1985 by James Miller (stage name James Macabre), Mark Bobinski and Lucinda Denning. Monika Bobinska ran the club from 1986 until 1995.

The records of the Meccano Club include:

  • administrative records
  • promotion and publicity
  • press cuttings
  • photographs
  • audio-visual recordings

The Collection also includes material relating to the comedy circuit in the 1980s and 1990s, although not specifically related to the Meccano Club. This material includes:

  • a series of magazine publications, including numerous "Time Out" issues
  • press cuttings relating to comedy nights in London, and specifically in the Islington area
  • leaflets for comedy festivals
  • badges and books
  • records for the "Cave of Harmony", a series of stand-up comedy nights for women comedians that Monika Bobinska co-produced with Barbara Norden.

A selection of material from the Monika Bobinska Collection is available on the British Stand-Up Comedy Archive flickr site.

Collection in brief

Contents: Audio-visual material, press cuttings, photographs, notebooks, personal papers, business records

Period: 1983-2015

Subjects: stand-up comedy, performance, cabaret, women in comedy, comedy promotion

Catalogued: Yes. Browse the archive catalogue

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