Sidney 'George' Strube Collection

Collection of archival material and artworks by the cartoonist Sidney Strube. 

The collection is largely catalogued.

A large proportion of the artworks are part of the Beaverbrook Foundation Collection.  

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Collection in brief

Contents: Artwork, letters, photos, menus, programmes, cuttings and an object.
Period: 1940s-1950s
Description: 177 originals and copies (GS0837 - 1014), 5 photographs of artwork GS0001 - 0005, 7 boxes Strube Archive letters to Strube with letters, associated press cuttings, photograph of Strube, menus including Savage Club, commemorative programmes, all featuirng cartoons by Strube. 2 artworks of menu covers. 1 cutting from Daily Express (18/6/45), 1 lead alloy printing block (GS0791) - donated by Frank Calaghan.  

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