This collection is comprised of around 3200 original artworks dating from 1927-1955, plus scrapbooks, glass negatives, prints and a small collection of photographs. The collection even includes a set of Low's hands immortalised in wax!

The collection is largely catalogued.

A large proportion of the artworks are part of the Beaverbrook Foundation Collection.

We also hold around 9000 newspaper cuttings of Low's work. These can be found on the BCA catalogue.  

See our David Low biography

Collection in brief

Contents: Artwork, photographs, cuttings, scrapbooks, 1 object
Period: 1927-1950s
Description: 65 boxes of original artworks (Beaverbrook), 2 boxes Low cuttings, 1938 - 45, Low to Martin letter, 58 originals DLNZ0001-DLNZ0058, 1 catalogued original DL3151, 1 catalogued print DL3150, 1 catalogued artwork DL3152, 3 catalogued originals Giles Collection GAX00098-100, 4 photographs of Low and family, Small sketchbook, Wax hands, 32 prints (plus duplicates) published in New Statesman.

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