Peter Aldor, "A donde nos llevara el progreso cientifico" (uncatalogued). All rights reserved. Cropped from original

A collection of approximately 3300 cartoons by Colombian caricaturist and cartoonist Peter Aldor. Aldor's cartoons typically touched on subjects such as anti-Nazism and Columbian, Hungarian and Sino-Soviet relations. 

The collection includes original artworks and cartoon newspaper cuttings and was donated by the Aldor family in 1980. 

This collection is uncatalogued, so please email us at if you would like more information.  

Collection in brief

Contents: Artwork, cuttings
Period:  1952-1963
Description: 15 boxes uncatalogued original artwork [AL0001 - 3395], 4 boxes Colombian newspaper cuttings (1949 - 76) 

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