Holt Bairnsfather Collection

Photograph of an original artwork by Bruce Bairnsfather. It depicts the character of Old Bill sitting on a bench in wartime
"I wonder where the next one's coming from?", Bruce Bairnsfather (HOLT/ART/1/1). All Rights Reserved.

Holt Bairnsfather Collection

A collection of material collected by Major and Mrs Holt relating to the cartoonist Bruce Bairnsfather. Major Tonie and Mrs Valmai Holt live in East Kent and together they founded Major and Mrs Holts Battlefield Tours in 1978, offering tours to the public of famous battlefields across the world. After selling the tour company in the 1990s, they started to concentrate on writing books together (having both been writers for some time), and have since published over 30 titles, including a biography of Bruce Bairnsfather. Their passion for Bairnsfather began in the 1970s, and since then they have amassed an extensive collection of Bairnsfather memorabilia, artworks and collectables, which now makes up the extensive Holt Bairnsfather Collection. 

The collection includes various publications, books, ceramics, ephemera, Bairnsfather collectables, and artwork (originals, cuttings and copies). The collection is partially catalogued, so please get in touch with Special Collections and Archives if you would like any additional information.

Collection in brief

Contents: books, ceramics, ephemera, collectables, and artwork
Period: 20th century
Description: Approx 4 metres of archive material + 37 books