Student charter

The Student Charter outlines the University’s commitment to its students so you know what to expect from both the University and your Union. The Charter also sets out what you agree to while studying at Kent to help maintain our welcoming community.

This Charter has been developed in partnership between the University and Kent Union. It is subject to annual review by both the University and Kent Union in the Spring Term each year with implementation from 1 August. It is designed as an overview of our mutual expectations and to help signpost readers to more detailed relevant information.

This Charter is underpinned by values which particularly highlight: academic freedom; integrity and accountability; the advancement of knowledge and intellectual creativity; the importance of an inclusive and welcoming culture and community; Europe and an international perspective; critical thinking; the achievement of excellence and environmental sustainability.

The student body has diverse needs and requirements and this document seeks to clarify the mutual expectations held by both students and the University. Your interests are paramount, and all efforts will be made to ensure continuity of study and that you are able to complete the course for which you are registered, as outlined in our Student Protection Plan.

The term “student” covers both undergraduate and postgraduate students undertaking programmes of study. This Charter serves as a headline document that addresses the needs and expectations of student members of the University and the Students’ Union. In doing so it refers to the obligations staff and students have to one another in these areas.


Appeals and complaints procedures

The Student Charter is also supported by the Respect at Kent Policy which outlines our commitment to ensuring that students are treated with respect and other policies such as the Student Complaints Procedure which explains what to do if you have a complaint or grievance. For enquiries and advice, contact the Student Conduct & Complaint Office.

Tel: 01227 824671

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