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Respect at Kent Policy

The University of Kent aims to provide an environment which respects and values the positive contribution of all its students, enabling them to achieve their full potential and to gain benefit and enjoyment from their involvement in the life of the University.
We are creating an inclusive university community and a society where:

  • People are treated with dignity, equality and respect
  • Inequalities are challenged
  • People are treated fairly with regards to all procedures, assessments and choices
  • We anticipate, and respond positively, to different needs and circumstances so that everyone can achieve their potential

Our equality and diversity principles:

  • We are committed to nurturing an inclusive and diverse community that is open and accessible to all.
  • We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or bullying of any groups or individuals, on the basis of gender, age, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief, marriage or civil partnership, gender identity and pregnancy or maternity. 
  • We respect the rights of individuals, including the right to hold different views and beliefs.
  • We will not allow these differences to be manifested in a way that is hostile or degrading to others.
  • We expect commitment and involvement from all our students, staff, partners and providers of goods or services in working towards the achievement of these principles.


This policy relates to all students registered on University of Kent courses and taught at University of Kent campuses, and operates in the context of the academic and social community.

The Student Charter

The Student Charter clearly outlines the mutual expectations of the University, Kent Union and the student body to ensure an inclusive and welcoming community, highlighting academic freedom, integrity and accountability. The Student Charter recognises that the fair and equal treatment of every person, and diversity in the student and staff community, is a key component of the student experience.

General Principles

The University is committed to supporting a positive learning culture through the provision of:

  • A wide range of training for staff to provide a better understanding of equality and respect;
  • Clear guidance on appropriate behaviours and conduct to support a positive culture;
  • Appropriate mechanisms to address concerns about behaviour which may breach this Policy.

All allegations of breach of this Policy will be taken seriously and appropriate action will be taken.  See Appendix 1: Complaints and Confidentiality for details.

Student Services

Council Secretariat

The University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NZ, T: +44 (0)1227 764000

Last Updated: 03/07/2018