Student Complaints

Learn how to submit a complaint, the procedure that follows and the support that is available.

The University is committed to providing all students with a high-quality education and student experience. We recognise that there may be times where students have complaints about:

  • Their course
  • The services or facilities provided by the School or the University

We take all complaints seriously and deal with them confidentially. Students will not be disadvantaged for raising a complaint.

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The University of Kent will ensure that the Student Complaints Procedure is:

Accessible - We aim to be responsive to the needs of students and provide clear information, advice and support with access to representation by the Kent Union Advice Centre and the Medway Hub Advice Centre

Clear - We will give a clear definition of a complaint and explain the complaints process in clear language, which is easy to understand and well signposted.

Proportionate - We will aim to resolve any complaint as early as possible whether by informal local resolution or formal action.

Timely - We will give clear time limits in which to bring complaints and will identify those complaints that require swift resolution. We will normally complete all complaints within 90 calendar days of the start of the formal stage 2 complaint.

Fair - We will ensure that all staff involved in the decision making are independent, trained in complaint investigation and resourced and that each party is given an equal opportunity to present their case. Students will not be disadvantaged as a result of bringing a complaint.

Independent - Decisions will be taken by people without perceived or actual conflicts of interest at all stages.

Confidential - A complaint will be treated with an appropriate level of confidentiality and will normally only be disclosed to those involved in its investigation.

Action taken - The University of Kent will ensure appropriate action is taken and will use this process to improve the student experience.

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How to Submit A Complaint

Stage 1: Informal resolution

  • The focus of Stage 1 is to support solving a complaint early, before a formal complaint is submitted. 
  • This can involve the student either speaking with an appropriate member of University staff, such as an Academic Advisor or Student Support Officer. Complaints at this stage can be submitted face-to-face, by phone, in writing or by email.

Stage 2: Formal Complaint

  • If a complaint cannot be resolved informally or it is not appropriate for the complaint to be considered at the informal stage, a student may submit a formal complaint by completing a Student Complaints Form. 

If you wish to complete a formal complaints form:

  1. Read the guidance in the Student Complaints procedure.
  2. Either print and complete the form within the procedure and email to, or complete the Formal Complaints Form online.

Review Complaint

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Right to Be Accompanied

Students can be supported at any stage of the procedure by a member of staff, member of the Students’ Union or another student.

Students are encouraged to seek advice and support regarding this procedure from the Students’ Union advisory services (Kent Union or The Hub at Medway).

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