Most staff PCs are Staff Managed Desktops. If so, it will say when you login or press the CTRL + ALT + Delete keys together to lock the PC.

Get started using your staff PC

  • To access files and print, you may need to map a drive and install a printer.
  • To use Outlook for your staff email open Microsoft Outlook. The setup process should run: choose Microsoft Exchange if asked for the mail service/type.
  • Turn your PC off overnight and at weekends to save power and ensure that automatic Windows updates can be applied.


  • You're responsible for all activity on your PC so need to lock it when you leave it unattended. To do this press the CTRL + Alt + Delete keys together.
  • Your PC or laptop must be secure and protected from viruses.
  • Full IT regulations

Finding software on staff PCs

  • To add new software: click Start, then search for and select Software Center
  • Once open, click Applications 
  • Click on the software you want from the list, and click Install

Other software

Check software availability and contact us to request anything not available already. Some packages offer educational discounts on licenses for personal use.


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