Make presentations accessible

Create presentation slides that meet accessibility standards. It makes your content easier for everyone to access, it's the right thing to do, and it's the law.


Most standard PowerPoint templates should be accessible and so can be a good starting point. To make sure, open it in PowerPoint and click Review, then Check Accessibility.

Follow these content guidelines

  • Minimum font size of 24 for all slide text
  • Keep the layout simple and clear
  • Give each slide a unique title
  • Explain all your spoken points in the Notes Field. Use it to expand on important points or summarise the key points of visual materials
  • Avoid ‘crowding’ slides with too much information. If lots of information is needed, split it across slides, or use the Notes field to provide extra detail
  • Use the Microsoft PowerPoint Accessibility Checker
  • Convert PowerPoint to PDF

How to do all this and more in PowerPoint

Automated captioning is enabled by default in KentPlayer recordings

Captions for Teams meetings

Check you got it right

Here's how to check you've got it right - automated accessibility checkers will not only highlight any remaining issues, they'll give you advice on how to fix them.

Take it further

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Thank you!

Making content accessible means working a little differently, so we want to thank you for using our guides. Here's our explanation of why accessibility matters so much.

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