Make PDFs accessible

Create text and documents that meet accessibility standards. It makes your content easier for everyone to access, it's the right thing to do, and it's the law.

Use Portable Document Formats (PDF) sparingly

PDFs aren't very mobile-friendly and aren't the most accessible format. If you possibly can, choose to put the content into a web page. Even a Word document is preferable, as it's easier to make accessible.

Make the source document accessible

The easiest way to make sure a PDF is accessible is to make the source document accessible before converting it to PDF. 

  1. Use our guide to making any document accessible
  2. If the source is a Word document, use this Microsoft accessibility checker - and see How to convert a Word document to PDF

Adobe’s guidance on creating Accessible PDFs with Adobe Acorobat

Turn it into a web page

If you can't edit the source document, it may be easier (if you have the option) to turn the PDF content into an accessible web page. Web pages are easier to access on all devices.

How to convert a word processing file to a web page:

  • Open the Save As menu
  • Select Web Page (.htm)
  • The resulting HTML file can be opened with any web browser such as Firefox or Chrome

Google Drive users

 Saving a tagged PDF in Libre Office

Google Drive is not able to create tagged PDFs. Instead download the Google Document to open with Microsoft Word (.docx) or Libre Office (.odt file) which can export as tagged PDFs.

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