Visiting students

Applying to University of Kent as a Visiting Student

As a leading UK institution, the University of Kent welcomes visitors to join our vibrant student and academic community.

The University’s vision is to extend its reach and impact as a beacon of excellence in education and research in our region, the UK and internationally.

The University of Kent accepts a number of visiting students each year. Most of these are here as part of an exchange scheme, such as the ERASMUS programme, or on a short-term programme, but a small number are here independently.

If you are interested in applying as a Visiting Student you must currently be registered at another higher education institution either in the UK, EU or abroad on programme leading towards a degree or doctorate.

Your time spent at the University of Kent undertaking research or study must contribute to the qualification at your home institution. The work may involve undertaking research for a research project or your thesis, or it could be to attend taught modules at the University.

How to apply

  1. If you are interested in applying to the University of Kent as a Visiting Student then you should contact the relevant School or supervisor you are interested in working with.
  2. Once they have agreed your visit then you are welcome to apply as a Visiting Student by completing the relevant application:

Please read our Visiting Students Policy (pdf) before making an application.

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