Withdrawal of offers/termination of registration

It is a condition of admission to a programme of study that the candidate has accurately and truthfully presented all the relevant facts in their application. The University retains the right to withdraw an offer of a place or terminate the registration of a student should it subsequently come to light that the information provided by an applicant in support of their application was inaccurate or incomplete or a misrepresentation of the applicant's academic and other achievements.

Undergraduate applicants

Applicants that hold conditional offers for full-time degree studies must fulfil all the academic conditions of their offer by 31 August of the year in which they have applied. Beyond this deadline any outstanding conditional offers will be withdrawn. The applicant is therefore responsible for checking that all exam results relevant to their application have been communicated to the University Admissions Office on time and ensuring that original qualification documentation (eg certificates/transcripts) can be provided at point of registration if requested.

Postgraduate applicants

Applicants will be required to provide original or officially certified copies of any qualifications used for admissions purposes. This documentation should be provided at point of registration when requested by the University.

Withdrawal/termination appeals

In the event that an offer is withdrawn or registration terminated applicants have the right to appeal against such a decision within seven working days. Appeals should be made in writing directly to: 

The Academic Registrar, The Registry, University of Kent, CT2 7NZ.

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