Transfer arrangements

These transfer arrangements have been published in accordance with the Higher Education Research Act 2017 and Office for Students Regulatory Framework 2018. They cover the arrangements for students transferring from another institution, to another institution or between programmes at the University of Kent.

Students transferring from another institution to the University of Kent

The University of Kent permits students from other UK higher education institutions (HEIs) to transfer into its programmes on the basis of its rules for Credit Transfer, which are set out in Section 10 of the University’s Credit Framework (PDF).

The process underpinning these rules is set out in detail in ‘Annex R: Recognition of Prior Learning of Kent’s Code of Practice for Quality Assurance (PDF).

Where the prior learning/study has taken place at a HEI from outside of the UK, credit transfer is managed through the process articulated in the ‘Annex for the Assessment for Prior Certificated Learning (APCL)’.

The limits for the volume of credit that may be imported via any of these means are set out in ‘Annex 3: Limits on Credit Transfer and/or RCL’ of the Credit Framework (PDF).

Students transferring from the University of Kent to another institution

Where a student chooses to transfer to another university, the University of Kent will provide adequate documentation of all learning outcomes achieved at a particular level and volume of credit earned as set out in a transcript and Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

Where a student is required to transfer due to the closure of a programme or academic department/School of study, the University, as part of its Student Protection Plan, will actively facilitate contact and credit transfer negotiations with an alternative provider. 

It is recognised that the acceptance of any credit transferred from one institution to another is at the discretion of the receiving institution and is dependent on that institution's regulatory framework.

Students transferring between programmes within the University of Kent

In terms of the principles involved in the management of credit (e.g. assessing the relevance of the imported credit and the limits for doing this), the University’s Credit Framework applies the same rules for credit transfer for both those transferring from another institution as for those who transfer between programmes at the University of Kent. This is also set out in Section 10 of the University’s Credit Framework (PDF) and specifically referred to in section 10.1:

10.1 A student who can provide evidence of previous relevant successful learning, either at this University or elsewhere, may, within specified limits, be exempted from part of a programme of study. Annex 3 (PDF) sets out, for each award, the minimum number and levels of credits which must be obtained by taking part of the programme of study leading to the award concerned.

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