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Kent is an active participant in the Erasmus+ programme, exchanging over 600 students per year with over 100 European partner institutions.

Erasmus+ Update

Please see the following webpage for the most up to date information:

Information for students

Student testimonials

Name: Joe Gazeley
Studying in Spain

I feel that my language skills have improved greatly and I have learned to be a lot more adaptable than I have to be in England. I have definitely gained a new perspective on what it means to be a Citizen of Europe and it has given me a new way of looking at my own country and culture from the perspective of another. I have had many interesting discussions about Gibraltar.

I have seen how Spanish young people work at university and it is very different to in the UK. Contrary to all of the stereotypes they are astonishingly engaged and have an incredible work ethic. I have been nothing but impressed by my Spanish colleagues throughout my first semester.

Name: Laurie Radar
Studied at the University of Kent

The campus facilities are great, you can hang out with your friends everywhere and have a drink or a meal easily. I loved spending time with my friends, playing pool table at KBar and eat have lunch at Mungo's. 

Name: Jack Nicoloau
Studying in Czech Republic

I would like to take this opportunity to say that quite frankly this has been the most remarkable and interesting learning experience of my life. Words escape me as to how much I have learnt, not just academically but also about myself and also Europe in general. I have taken great pains to travel as frequently as possible in order to soak in the rich tapestry of culture offered by Europe as a whole.

I could not recommend this experience enough to all who have the opportunity.

Name: Kristina Juidisiute
Studying in Italy

I think it is a highly rewarding experience that every single student should try. I became more culturally aware, [it] will look amazing on my CV and will be beneficial for my future career. Also I deepened and enriched my knowledge outside the filmic field…which really broadens the understanding of my main study subject.

To sum up, the whole study abroad experience is life-changing that endures academic, personal, career and social benefits and it is definitely worth doing it.


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